Lighting upgrades

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Residential and Commercial Lighting Solutions

Are you considering an upgrade of your outdated lighting system to reduce energy costs? Then look no further! Partners In Energy offers the best energy-efficient lighting solutions for homeowners and business owners in New South Wales. Our technicians have years of experience in rolling out lighting upgrade programs. They are well-familiar with the latest energy-efficient lighting products.

The team at Partners in Energy have been providing energy-efficient lighting upgrades for more than 10 years. We ensure that both our products and installation processes meet Australian standards and are qualify you for any energy savings rebates / certificates for which you might qualify. You can contact us directly to schedule a facility lighting evaluation.

High-quality Lighting Systems

At Partners In Energy, we supply and install the highest quality products for lighting upgrades. Our products will help you overcome common lighting issues by improving lighting quality. Upgrading your lighting will result in a safer workplace or home, improved showroom or warehouse lux levels, and ease the pressure on your energy bill. Our professionals will carefully listen to your needs and provide you with a lighting solution that is right for you.

Our qualified Electricians will install the new lighting system in your home or place of business in an efficient manner. You can rest assured that we will guide you through the entire lighting upgrade process; including securing your valuable government rebates and incentives. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any queries about our lighting upgrade services. Our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Why Opt for Lighting Upgrades?

With lighting upgrades, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bills every year. Also, you will enjoy the greater light output and reduced flicker. Installing energy-efficient lighting will also reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity. Contact us now to find more information about energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

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At Partners In Energy, we deliver solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.