Solar Battery Storage System: Stop Believing in These MYTHS!

Solar Battery Storage System

Solar Battery Storage System: Stop Believing in These MYTHS!

  • Posted on
  • 15 Jul 2021

Switching to solar energy is not a new norm in Australia! It has been going on for the last decade. Over 2 million homes have chosen solar panels over traditional utility options to reduce energy bills and carbon footprints. Still, when it comes to solar battery storage systems, they step back. And the reason is nothing but some half-right opinions that turns into misconceptions or myths over the years. With the advancement of technology, every new invention comes with rumours and a whirlwind of opinions.

If you have started believing those, it’s time to get over it! Do you want to learn the facts? We are here with our today’s blog to let you know!


Common misconceptions about Solar battery storage systems

After solar batteries come into the market, the wave of myths has turned on. And most homeowners find the system not right for their homes after believing in these misconceptions.

If you are about to install a solar system at home, having such half-truth details can hold you back from making the right choice. Explore the facts here:

A solar battery system is the best what the company offers!

Not at all! In fact, solar panels and battery storage are complements to each other. Yet, if you have installed a solar system from a top brand with a high-energy production capacity, the battery storage must match it.

Many salespersons provide any random solar battery storage without knowing about the energy consumption of your home. At Partners In Energy, we ensure you provide the best solar battery storage system that suits your specific requirements.

A brand doesn’t matter at all!

While talking about technology, especially solar battery storage, the brand is the top-most considerable fact. Buying the storage system of any manufacturing company can cost you huge utility bills in the long run! With us, you can assure of getting only reliable and renowned battery technology suppliers, such as Tesla, LG Chem, and Sonnen.

All solar battery storage is perfect for every home!

A big NO to this one if you want to reduce your utility bills and spend dollars on the right one. The choice of the solar battery can vary, depending on your lifestyle, energy consumption, finance, and long-term plans. Yet, the concept, ‘One size fits all!’ – won’t work for you in this regard.

A solar battery is not essential for homes with less energy consumption!

Many homeowners believe that solar battery storage is a waste of money because they won’t be at home in the daytime. But the fact is that up to 35% of power gets consumed even when you are not at home.

But if you take a look at the summer vacations and weekends, the scale will go upwards only! Having a solar battery storage system can help you keep a check on the power use and reduce utility bills.

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