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Is Your Roof Perfect for Solar Panel Installation in Sydney?

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  • 31 Aug 2021

Understanding the roof’s potential is a must while planning to have a solar system at your home or office. Solar panel installation in Sydney has reached the peak of demand for those who have a great roof to do so! And, while investing dollars for a residential solar solution, you may prefer making the best and efficient use of it. That’s why before installing solar panels, make sure if your roof is perfect for that!

Signs of having a great roof for solar panel installations

According to a recent survey, not the homeowners but the business persons are not much behind when it’s about switching to solar. Hence, the urge for commercial solar solutions is increasing equally!

But before you come to any decision, check the following signs whether your roof has the condition to get solar panel installations. Such as:

Condition of the roof!

It depends on the size and age of your roof! For an entire solar system on your home or office roof, it needs space for at least twenty panels. Yet, your roof must have the capacity to carry the weight. Or else you need to replace it before solar panel installations.

Roof pitch

Does your roof a few degrees (near 10) up from the typical horizontal pitch? Then, you have got a perfect angle for solar system installations. The angle helps to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the panels. Also, you can get great options under tilt frames as well! On our Facebook page, you can look for solar panel designs too!


A north-facing roof is an optimal angle for a successful installation of solar panels. In Sydney, the North is the perfect orientation for maximum sun exposure. Even if your roof is not faced on that angle, our experts will mount the panels on the East or West side to allow enough energy production.

Type of roof

Tiled roof or tin- both are great options for solar panel installations. But tins are easy to drill and mount solar systems on your residential or business roof. On the other hand, hard tiled roofs are prone to crack while installing a solar system! But clay or rubber tiles wouldn’t be a hurdle!

Is any of these signs go with your roof condition? If so, count on us! At Partners In Energy, our experts will cover you from design to solar panel installations, repairs, and maintenance. Stay in touch for more blogs!

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