Load shifting


We have highly experienced technicians who can assist you with consumption load shifting.

Installing a solar power system can drastically reduce your dependency on electricity from the grid. But you need to remember that solar panels do not produce energy when the sun is not shining. This means any electricity solar-powered homes use at night comes from the grid. That’s why it makes sense to readjust your home electricity use if you want to reduce energy costs.

Load shifting is essentially the practice of using the most energy-consuming appliances in your home in the daytime. It is one of the best ways to keep your electricity bills down. Some examples of effective load shifting include setting your heater to warm things up before you get home, scheduling your dishwasher to run in the daytime, etc.

Experts You Can Rely On

Partners in Energy can provide advice about the ‘easy to implement’ options such as setting timers on your household appliances. We can also implement the wiring and metering changes required to, for example, run your Electric Hot Water service at the optimal time of day to maximise the energy produced by your solar system.

In the past, gas was seen as a cheap option for winter heating, hot water and cooking. However, with gas prices having gone up, and the efficiency of electric appliances having improved markedly and with solar PV systems more affordable than ever before, it can now be cheaper and more environmentally friendly to go off-gas and run an all-electric solar home. Partners in Energy can provide installation of all your new electric appliacnes and ensure they are optimised to operate in perfect unison with your new PV / Battery Storage system – further driving down your energy costs.

Why Try Load Shifting?

With load shifting, you will be using less grid energy at night. It is a smart strategy that can help you save on energy bills. You could save a significant amount of money each year if you try load shifting. Please contact us directly to learn more about load shifting and its advantages.

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