Solar Solutions in Sydney: How to Check if the Panels are Working

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Solar Solutions in Sydney: How to Check if the Panels are Working

  • Posted on
  • 28 May 2021

Switching to solar is a great move towards a healthy environment. No matter if you need to power your home or office, it’s a smart option, indeed, to reduce the energy bills. According to a recent survey, the report shows that around 57% of homeowners switching to solar solutions in Sydney have no idea how the panels work. Actually, they don’t know if it works! And when the answer is NO, they have no knowledge WHY it is so! Are you one of them? Then, check out our today’s blog and get some ideas to ensure whether everything is well with your solar system.

Tricks to ensure if your solar solutions are perfect

You can’t deny that you often avoid some problems with your solar system due to having no idea. Don’t make such mistakes!
Here are some tricks to identify if the solar panels on the roof are functioning correctly. It will help you understand when to call our experts to repair the solar system. Such as:

Blindly have faith in the utility bills!

Apparently, it sounds and seems a smart idea but not at all! As the season changes, there come differences in the patterns of household power usage.
That’s why when you get energy bills every three months, the amount can differ. Hence, it cannot define that your solar system is working perfectly. It’s better to keep an eye on the output of solar power. If you find it reducing over time, there might be a problem with your system.

The solar panels are dirty!

Yes, that’s right! This one can turn into a massive problem with your solar power output if you haven’t cleaned the panels for a long time. Generally, it doesn’t require much when you reside in an area with often rainfall. Otherwise, you have to give the solar panels a weekly hose to remove the bird droppings and tree sap.

Shading is an enemy to your solar panels!

Here’s another one! If you have many trees around your roof, your solar system may get many shades than its time of installation. On the other hand, the shade can cause by your new building structure or antenna that you have set recently. Call our experts to remove the solar panels from their previous place and re-install those where they can get direct sunlight.

Take a look at the inverter!

Whenever there is a problem with the solar power output, people never think of checking the inverters. As per the recent estimate, around 29% of homeowners find an issue with the inverter causing the solar power reduction.

Take a look at the indicator lights of your inverter in the daytime. If there is a green light, your system is working. But when it shows the orange or red light, the fault is in the system not in the solar panels. Also, check the system’s data at the same time.

Were the tips helpful? Then, what keeps you waiting! Try this out now and contact us if there is any problem with your solar system. Our experts will be at your doorstep to fix that. For more blogs, stay in touch!

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