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A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panel Installation Costs!

  • Posted on
  • 03 Aug 2021

Are you switching to solar? Nothing can be a better way to stay eco-friendly and reduce carbon footprints. And the best part is that you can make a huge save on your utility bills. In Sydney, Australia more than 79% of people turn their heads towards the solar system at home. Still, you may prefer to keep a check on the solar panel installation costs.

The overall expenses depend on not only the size of the system but other factors too. If you plan to install solar panels at your home, have a clear idea of it.

Factors that affect solar panel installation costs

As mentioned before, it doesn’t depend on only one factor, but several. From our previous blogs, you may have already ideated how to get the best quotes on solar panels. Now, it’s time to know the factors that affect the installations costs of solar. Such as:

How many solar panels do you need?

Needless to mention, the needs of your electric consumption decide how many solar panels you need to purchase. On the other hand, the more grids you will install, the more it will take time. Hence, the solar panel installation costs will get higher accordingly.

Where is your location?

You may not consider this factor much, but we do. The labour costs of the solar installation differ from one area to another. Also, the sunnier your home is, the more discount you will get on the installation cost. It’s because our technicians of Partners In Energy don’t need to make much effort in finding the right spot.

The time of the year!

Like every other service, the demand for our services gets high at a certain period in a year. Therefore, you can expect to pay more for solar panel installation costs than usual. If you want to keep a check on your wallet, try to install solar in spring and early autumn when the demand for solar systems remains lower.


The type of the roof

Now, you may have not ever expected this one! But this fact really affects the solar installation costs in the following ways:

  • When you have small roofs, our technician will need less time and equipment for the installation.
  • If your roof is flat, we have to add brackets to ensure that your solar system sits at the right angle. It will help the panels get the best exposure to the sun. Hence, the installation expenses will be higher than the previous one. You can find such designs on Pinterest.
  • On the steeper roof, our experts need to give more labour to work to do it perfectly. Here, the charges may differ too.
The condition of the roof

The stronger your roof will be, the less repair and replacement will be required for your solar panels. For the fragile and broken roof, you need to pay solar panel installation costs more than once that can hit your wallet.

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